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The Hair Sheep Times

The Mid-States Hair Sheep Cooperative featured an article on Early Bird in their publication, The Hair Sheep Times. In this article, the developers discuss why and how they made certain decisions regarding the development of this dewormer, why it works, and how it's specifically designed to have maximum efficacy in small ruminants and camelids.

The article really gets into the weeds on the different active ingredients and how they work. The first study (August 2020), which took place on an alpaca fiber farm, is discussed at length. A cost analysis comparing Early Bird versus traditional dewormers is also included for those who focus on dollars and cents. Lastly, there is a discussion about the different ways you can use this product, because there is a flexibility present that a producer normally doesn't have with traditional dewormers.

The article is attached below as a PDF. Please enjoy!

Hair Sheep Times OctNov21
Download PDF • 15.13MB

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