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The Humble Hive Homestead

Julia Wells; Wellston, Oklahoma

"We raise pastured pork, chicken, turkey, and grass-fed beef.

We were having slow inconsistent gains with our pigs. We suspected they might be wormy, but they were very close to harvest so we wanted to use something that was natural and safe that close to harvest. After we treated with Early Bird we noticed our pigs began gaining weight, and their worm counts were significantly lower.

I think Early Bird is a great product. We plan on using it with our pigs in the future as maintenance and preventative. We also look forward to using it with our sheep that we plan on adding to the farm. It works with our farm's context. It fits with our pastured and holistic management of our land. "

You can follow Julia and her family as they practice sustainable, regenerative agriculture and feed their community by following along on Instagram or visiting their webpage.


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