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Low Shedders

This product can be used for herds with low eggs per gram in order to prevent the current parasite population from multiplying over time. This is especially useful when anticipating a period of stress or added physical demands, because typically parasites will take advantage of those opportunities.

Moderate Shedders

This can be used for herds with moderate eggs per gram, when using traditional dewormers is questionable and risks may outweigh benefits. It may also be useful for animals with borderline egg counts where pregnant animals are present and delaying the usage of traditional dewormers may be beneficial for fetal health.

High Shedders

It can be used for animals with high eggs per gram in conjunction with traditional dewormers in order to gain faster control over the infestation, to hasten recovery, to minimize loss of body weight, minimize anemia, and resolve diarrhea. It can also be used to reduce transmission of parasites from high shedders to low shedders, preventing environmental contamination during acute illness.

Negative Fecals

Early Bird is designed to treat an active parasite infestation, so we do not recommend using it in individuals or herds with negative fecal samples.

Frequency of Usage

Because each treatment is a two-week period, this product is different than the traditional deworming agent. We recommend using it no more frequently than once a month. In trials, usage more frequent than this resulted in constipation and abdominal cramps.

Suggestions for frequency:

Low shedders: Use on a semi-annual basis.

Moderate shedders: Use on a quarterly basis.

High shedders: Use monthly or every other month until numbers reside.


The product comes in heat-sealed pouches and should be stored in a cool, dimly lit area and kept safe from rodents.

Indoor Riding Arena

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